Hrvoje Benko is a Director of Research Science at Facebook Reality Labs Research, working on novel interactions, devices and interfaces for Augmented and Virtual Reality applications. He currently leads a multi-disciplinary organization that includes scientists and engineers with expertise in HCI, computer vision, machine learning, AI, neuroscience, robotics and cognitive psychology. His interests span AR/VR, haptics, new input form factors and devices, as well as touch and freehand gestural input.

He is a world-renowned expert in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). He has coauthored more than 60 scientific articles, 50 issued patents, and has served as the general chair (2014) and the program chair (2012) of the ACM User Interface Systems and Technology conference, the premiere techincal conference in HCI. He is also an Associate Editor for the TOCHI Journal, the premiere journal in the HCI field. Prior to his current role, he was at Microsoft Research, where he had the privilege of working on several projects that were released as Microsoft products or as open-sourced projects, including Microsoft Touch Mouse, Windows Touch Visualizations, Microsoft Surface, and RoomAlive Toolkit.  He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University in 2007 and his work has been featured in the mainstream media (including The New York Times and Forbes) and on popular technology blogs.


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